Q: Are your plugins 64 bit compatible ?

A: Yes, all of our plug-ins are now 32/64 bit compatible.

Q: Do your plugins support Pro Tools 11 AAX format?

A: Yes, all of our plug-ins are available in AAX 64Bit fully compatible with all protools versions.

Q: The AudioUnit of AudioSteps Free version does not seem to load correctly by Logic Pro ?

A: Sometimes the AudioUnit validation phase does not work on first shot. Try reloading your D.A.W. or ultimately try re-installing. This should solve the problem

Q: The AudioSteps TouchOSC template does not seem to work?

A: The individual footsteps pads are controlled by MIDI so one needs to use TouchOSC MIDI Bridge Connection as MIDI input device. The recent update to version 1.2 supports all controls via TouchOSC.

Q: I couldn’t find the manual ?

A: The manual installation path is indicated in the installer. All manuals are also available directly from each product page. They will also show up in your purchase as a separate item. Ultimately, they are also available from the downloads page.

Q: I have a great procedural audio plug-in idea. Can you do custom things ?

A: Absolutely. Contact us using the contact form and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Upgrade/Crossgrade procedure

If you alreday own some AudioGaming’s products, contact us on our “sales” email addresssales@audiogaming.netdescribing the products you own, and the ones you want to buy, and we’ll send you an upgrade code with a special price.

Current upgrade/crossgrade price structure is as follow:

Upgrade price Upgrading from V1 to V2 or Pro 50% of regular price
Crossgrade price Upgrading from V1 to V2 or Pro owning other products 50% of regular price + 10% discount per product already owned

Educational and academic pricing

We offer important discounts for students. You need to provide a scan of your valid student card as well as an official identification (something like an ID card, passport, driving licence, …). Send all material to sales -at- audiogaming with email subject “EDU license”.

You get a full license, that you can use on commercial productions, and after your student life (how cool is that?).

Here are the currently available discounts:

Product Price
Post-production bundle 350(approx. $480 USD)
AudioWeather (AudioWind+AudioRain) Bundle 149(approx. $190 USD)
AudioWind 99 (approx. $125 USD)
AudioRain 99(approx. $125 USD)
AudioMotors 149(approx. $190 USD)
AudioSteps 99(approx. $125 USD)