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AudioMotors FMOD is an adaptive granular synthesizer that allows creating vivid car engine sounds from a recording.

AudioMotors is a synthesizer dedicated to creating vehicle engine sounds. The core synthesis engine is based on adaptive granular synthesis which allows efficient and effective car engine sound design. The authoring tool (available upon purchase) automatically detects RPMs and engine cycles from given recordings and exports all as MotorsData. Simply load the MotorsData in AudioMotors FMOD and tweak some parameters – it’s that simple.

AudioMotors FMOD available platforms are : Windows/MacOS/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X/S/Switch

Simplistic dynamic parameters:

It comes with the most effective parameters for runtime so you can focus on the runtime interaction.

High-precision analysis

MotorsData is generated offline with precise engine cycles. The authoring tool provides intuitive controls for analysis adaptation.

Creative sound design:

Try with any kind of sounds and be creative.

It requires MotorsData which has to be generated by an authoring tool with dedicated analysis parameters. It can then be used in runtime within FMOD. The simple and intuitive synthesis controls allow efficient and effective engine sound design.

Instant interactive engine sounds

Simply load the plugin and select the MotorsData – the job is almost done.

Simple runtime control

With the selected Parameters, you can get the total control of the sound.

Painless authoring

The authoring tool automatically detects the engine cycles – no more hours of tweaking engine loops or marking engine cycles.

Flexibility and compatibility

AudioMotors is flexible for project change and adaptation. The authoring tool is a DAW plugin and therefore it allows seamless workflow integration for cross-media production.

AudioMotors FMOD available platforms are : Windows/MacOS/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X/S/Switch