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Groove Extractor 2 



Groove Extractor transcribes a drum loop recording into five components: bass drum, snare drum, close hihat, open hihat/cymbal and tom-toms. The transcription result is represented as General MIDI file. Extract the groove you like and turn into your own creation!



Transcribes drum loops to MIDI files


Groove Extractor - Audio To Midi




There are three analysis settings:

  • Electronic represents the groove by 3 components: kick, snare and hi-hat. It works best for loops generated by electronic drum machines. 
  • Acoustics represents the groove by 5 components: kick, snare, closed hi-hat, cymbal/open hi-hat and toms. It works best for acoustic drum recordings. 
  • Trigger represents the groove by one component: the detected onsets.

New Features

Trigger mode
Notes editing
Audio and MIDI playback
Tempo estimation
MIDI velocity
Library browser