Game Audio

AudioGaming’s sound synthesis technologies are available for game audio licensing. The signal processing libraries have been ported for both game consoles (PS4, XBox One) and portable devices (Android, iOS). Game designers get high level control and sound designers / programmers get expert control on the generated audio.


AudioGaming introduces the first procedural audio for video games weather system. Based on specific acoustic modelling we produce realistic as well as unrealistic sound effects computed in real time. The provided presets cover a wide range of soundscapes and the simplified controls of wind and rain can be easily shaped for instant promising results.



Armed with unrivaled pitch analysis, our granular engine reproduces engine cycle in a pitch-synchronous manner. The analysis stage is manipulated offline using the provided authoring tool such that game audio engine is only responsible for real-time synthesis.  For car engines, our technology also allows simulating gear changing for upshifting and downshifting, and engine load effects during acceleration/deceleration.


FMOD Studio integration

AudioGaming is an official 3rd party developer for FMOD Studio. Both AudioWeather and AudioMotors are tightly integrated into FMOD Studio as plugins.

Download and try the demo version here: