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Innovative & creative audio plug-ins for today’s sound designers, artists & musicians. Le Sound Bundle delivers the entire range of tools for professionals sound designers and for all production tasks.

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What our clients says

"It is AMAZING! There is so much that can be done with it and there is so much variation. Using the plugin for room tone is a splendid idea! It is easy to create sounds for both realistic and fantasy like scenarios! It’s tough to find anything negative about it as it opens up so many options and its behavior is quite realistic!"

"I can honestly say that the Le Sound Bundle is one of the most well thought out useful tools sets I have ever come across. It has already found a place in multiple TV/gaming audio and EV engine car design projects. An absolute essential set of plug-ins!"

"AudioGaming is opening the way for procedural audio synthesis with their first two plug-ins AudioWind and AudioRain. A refreshing concept that will tremendously help sound designer in audio post-production and video games. Try it, you’ll love it!






Procedural Audio Synthesis

Our technologie based on procedural approach allow synthesizing a very large spectrum of sounds, from environmental sounds or engine sounds to imaginary sounds. With our plugins you get the total control of your sound.