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AudioMotors with Fmod to UE4 or Unity, No tutorial for proper usage.


I cant find any tutorials on the internet as the title says. I need help really to get this work in my case in UE4 and with Fmod engine with Audiomotors. It is sad really.


Hope someone can help me get at least a start so i can continue with this awsome tool.

Also, I find one more problem with this. The Demo Engine is .agp and that is something i dont understand how to create such a file to play around with.


Please help me!


// André

I would also like to know...


There was a short tutorial by Develop on using AudioMotors FMOD with an authoring version for exporting the .agp file:

However, the editor moved around the page and does not maintain the screenshots anymore. We will try to recover this tutorial as soon as possible.

One could ask FMOD to activate the trial so the UE4/Unity integration test can be carried out. For the moment, there are FMOD Studio documents about:

Please do not hesitate to send further requests to

best regards,