Get Le sound bundle and unlock all tools

Complete tool box

Le Sound Bundle delivers the entire range of sound synthesis tools for all kinds of production and creative tasks. Dedicated to cinema, television, video games and more.

Flexible Pricing

Choose the pricing which fits your occupation or organization, if you are Indie, Studio, Student or Universities. Likewise if you need tools Monthly, Quarterly, Annually.

Endless possibilites

With our procedural audio synthesis, adaptive granular analysis/synthesis, our plugins come with dynamic controls for intuitive and instant sound manipulation.

One bundle for all your tasks

Le Sound Bundle delivers the entire range of sound synthesis tools for audio professionals dedicated to all kinds of production and creative tasks, which allows an innovative production paradigm: audio production can be tightly integrated across each phase, from pre-production to post-production.

Innovative subscription plans

Our subscription plans allow access to not only all the current plugins but also future releases. No extra charge as long as you stay subscribed.

The subscription plan pricing will increase over time as more and more new plugins are released. However, the price is fixed once you subscribe. The earlier one subscribes, the more money one saves!

Procedural Audio Inside

Our products integrate procedural audio (physically informed sound synthesis) which allows synthesizing a very large spectrum of sounds, from environmental sounds or engine sounds to imaginary sounds. No more tedious loop editing and get the total control of your sound !

Used by many professionals

Join award-winning studios/sound designers like Lucasfilm, Ubisoft, Harry Cohen and Richard Devine to create vivid soundscapes with Le Sound Bundle.

“I can honestly say that the Le Sound Bundle is one of the most well thought out useful tools sets I have ever come across. It has already found a place in multiple TV/gaming audio and EV engine car design projects. An absolute essential set of plugins!” Richard Devine