Sound Design

  • Reshape_SURROUND_Product_Image


    Cinematic whoosh effects, futuristic vehicle sounds, and more. Unleash your creativity with Reshape now!

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  • AudioFire_SURROUND_Product_Image


    AudioFire is a synthesizer dedicated to the emulation of fire and heat sounds.

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  • AudioElec_Product_Image


    AudioElec is an electrified sound synthesizer. It generates sounds like hum, impulse, sparks and telemetry.

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  • AudioSpace_SURROUND_Product_Image


    AudioSpace is a synthesizer dedicated to the emulation of space ambiance sounds

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  • Spacemotors_Product_Image


    Sci-fi vehicle sound

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  • LSLevelator2

    LS Levelator 2

    LS Levelator is an energy/loudness normalization tool for batch processing of large amount of files.

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  • AudioTexture_SURROUND_Product_Image


    Generate infinitely sounds, variations or loops for a given sound file, even for multichannel.

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  • AudioTexture_Free_Product_Image

    AudioTexture Free

    Generate infinitely sounds, variations or loops based on Freesound content

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  • AudioSteps_Product_Image

    AudioSteps V2 Pro

    AudioSteps is used to create realistic footsteps sound for post production or video games.

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  • AudioMotors_SURROUND_Product_Image

    AudioMotors V3 Pro

    From idling to full throttle, it allows you to fully control the engine sounds as if you were driving a car.

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  • AudioWind_SURROUND_Product_Image

    AudioWind V2 Pro

    AudioWind is our revolutionary procedural audio plugin that creates the vivid dynamics of wind sounds

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  • AudioRain_SURROUND_Product_Image

    AudioRain V2 Pro

    Works perfectly with AudioWind as a complete solution to create dynamic weather sound scenes.

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