AudioElec is an electrified sound synthesizer. It generates sounds like hum, impulse, sparks and telemetry.

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First-of-its-kind electrified sound synthesizer

Main features :

  • 64 bit AAX/VST/AU/VST3
  • Synthesize all kinds of electrified sounds
  • iLok support
  • Open Sound Control using an iPad


AudioElec is a synthesizer dedicated to the emulation of electrical sounds. The synthesizer is based on Le Sound’s dynamic modeling technology and uses sampling only for very specific modules. That is, it produces sounds by solving, on the fly, mathematical equations modeling the different components of electrified sound approximations developed by AudioGaming. This complex synthesis engine responds dynamically to the control signals it receives and exposes high-level controls carefully mapped to the low-level synthesis model.

This plugin requires an iLok dongle to run, and an account at


Unique features:

Combining several oscillators, Hum module uses modulations and randomizations to synthesize the low-frequency sound of an electrical line, device or domestic appliance.


Arc Impulse module synthesizes sound of electricity arc which can for example accidentally appear in power distribution centers or when objects touch high-voltage lines.


Arc Sustain module helps you generate some continuous electric power noises like those in power relay stations.


High Voltage module is based on a static high-voltage line sound and let the user shape a periodic ramp on its frequency to create a flexible and lively hard electrical sound.


Sparks module synthesizes small sparks sounds by quickly switching generators frequency through time.


Granulator module enables you to create new sounds from existing samples using granular synthesis. Recombining small chunks of the original sound, you can generate a new sample of any duration.


Telemetry module synthesizes the sound of communications and measurements process on computers or older electronic devices such as modems or radars. They are 3 different generators in this module each allowing different kinds of fine tuning.



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