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LE SOUND BUNDLE is the ultimate collection for sound design plugins


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Get every sound design plug-ins

There are not so much Audio tools dedicated to sound editors and sound designers. Our company made of a very passionate team working in the field of procedural audio, develops innovative and ground breaking tools, which offer original possibilities for film/broadcast post-productions, video games,  and more… Based on complex algorithms, our solutions synthesize in real time any types of sound without depending on any pre-recorded material, offering total control over the sound produced. Procedural synthesis gives total access to every parameters and offer fine tuning, giving the opportunity to achieve results that were impossible to obtain with pre-recorded audio files. Realistic or completely creative sounds, it’s up to the sound designer to decide.

Subscription plans 

1. Yearly – 252 euros (  21 euros / month )

Our best offer for the whole bundle, charged once a year. Subscribe now for a life-time fixed price and continuously get new plugins without extra charge !

After the launch promotion, the subscription price will increase 2 euros / month every time a new plugin is introduced. Re-subscription is considered new subscription.

The next plug-in is AudioSpace, and should be release in February! Beware, price will switch to 23€ soon! You’ll keep the 21€ price only if you subscribe before the next release.

2. The three monthes License – 108 euros  (  36 euros / month )

We also provide 3-month subscription (charged once), which is ideal for short-term projects. The license will end at the end of three months and it is not renewable. However, you can always purchase another Quarterly plan.

Starting with AudioWind, AudioRain, AudioMotors and AudioSteps, we continue to release new plugins for Le Sound Bundle including AudioElec, AudioSpace, AudioFire, etc.

See Subscription Q&A below.

Le Sound Bundle contains (new plugin releases every two months) :



Le Sound Bundle is only available through subscription plans. Life-time licenses are available for 329 euros per plugin. All our sound design plugins require iLok.

Subscription Q & A

Why adding subscription possibilities?

The subscription offer enables us to regularly add new products and offer latest updates without charging more than the amount you committed to at the beginning. This way, the sooner you get on-board, the cheaper you pay as a way for us to thank you for your early support. In the future, you will also be able to vote for the next plug-in development.

Although things are changing, subscription can sometimes be badly perceived. If we decided to add subscription it is mainly for two reasons: Number one is making our solutions more easily available with a reduced price. Number two is to create a much more stable global eco-system. If you think about it, the old “version-ing” business model never made sense in terms of software development. As a software provider, you have to constantly maintain the best possible support, R&D for new products and community services. If you are working on a version-ing business model, it means you have sales spikes each time you release a new or major update product. The sales spike it falling quite quickly though, and in the meantime, you have to hope you can meet the next release with the money made on the previous release. On the contrary, with a subscription model, once you stabilize your number of subscription, it is way more easier to establish a reasonable process where you know how much you can devote to support, R&D and community. This organization seemed to us way more logical.

1. What is Le Sound Bundle subscription?

Le Sound Bundle offers the flexibility of using all sound design plugins developed by AudioGaming. It has the advantages of not paying the full price while keeping your accessible plugins up to date.

The subscription pricing depends on when you subscribe because the price is going to increase 2 euros / month for every new plugin added to the bundle.

2. What do I get with my subscription?

All the sound design plugins developed by AudioGaming. During valid subscription period, new plugins will be automatically added to Le Sound Bundle. That is, you will continuously get new plugins without extra charge.

3. What can I subscribe to?

You can choose between Year plan (charged once) or Quarterly plan (3-month, no commitment period required).

4. How much does a subscription cost?

Yearly plan is launching at 252 euros (21 euros/month). Later subscription price will vary depending on the number of new plugins introduced. Subscribe now and pay 252 euros/year until you cancel your subscription. For example, once the next plugin is released, the subscription entry price will become 21 euros/month (+2 euros/plugin). The earlier one subscribe to the Monthly plan, the less fee one pays to access all sound design plugins.

Quarterly plan is fixed at 108 euros (36 euros/month).

5. How do I pay for my subscription?

You pay for your subscription plan with PayPal account or a credit card that is kept on your customer account page. Every month, your PayPal account or credit card will be automatically charged for a monthly payment.

6. Can I pay for my subscription via PayPal?


7. How is the subscription period defined?

For yearly plan, the subscription period is defined by the same date between two years. For example, a Yearly plan starts at Jan. 9 will renew automatically at Jan. 9 and so on.

8. When can cancel my subscription ?

Yearly plan: There is no cancellation policy or reimbursement for the current subscription plan. But you may cancel your subscription at any time for the next period (year). Your plug-ins will work until the end of the current subscription period.

Quarterly plan: there is no cancellation policy or reimbursement.

9. What are my options when my 12 months commitment period expires?

At the end of the 12 months commitment period your subscription will be automatically renewed. The price for your product will stay the same as the one from the start.

10. Can I install my Le Sound Bundle subscription license on more than one computer?

Yes. The license activation of our plugins requires an iLok and it is possible to plug in the iLok on any computer you work.

11. In what countries is VAT charged on a subscription?

VAT is applicable to all EU countries. You must provide a EU VAT number to avoid the VAT charge on your subscription payments.

12. Can I get a refund/discount if I already subscribe to Le Sound Bundle and would like to buy your plugins?

No, we don’t offer any refund/discount for the moment.

14. Can I convert my life-time license to a subscription plan?

No, the two licenses are handled as different products.

15. How do I manage my subscription?

You can manage your account and subscription information (plan, billing, iLok account, etc.) by login into your customer account page on lesound.io.

16. The payment for my subscription has failed what do I do?

You shall contact our support team as soon as possible by mailing to support@audiogaming.net.  You have 7 days to correct your payment information. Otherwise, your subscription will be terminated.