General conditions of sale

1. Introduction

The conditions of sale detailed below govern the contractual relationship between the User (hereafter referred to as “you”) and AudioGaming (hereafter referred to as “we”) and both parties accept these conditions unreservedly. These conditions of sale are the only conditions that are applicable. We maintain that, by confirming your order, you unreservedly accept our conditions of sale, having read them. These conditions of sale are important to you and AudioGaming as they have been designed to protect your rights as a valued customer and to protect our rights as a business and to create an understanding between us.

2. Your order

Placing your order is done on the Internet through our site We will confirm that your order has been accepted by sending an e-mail to the address that you will have given us. This e-mail will contain instructions on how to download and activate your new products.

3. Delivery

Once you have received our confirmation e-mail, you can download your new products from our site if a download is required.

4. Activation

Your new products need to be activated. Most of our plugins use iLok activation. Please fill in correctly your iLok account in your Le Sound custom account page. Some products need to be activated through Product Key verification. This will be done by following the instructions during the installation process. The activation request is treated by our server.

5. Cancellation and refund

You have the right to cancel your purchase within a period of 7 working days after purchase under the conditions that you have not activated your new products and that you are an individual citizen, not a company. Activating your new products means you accept definitely to buy your new products and you do not want to cancel your purchase. If you want to cancel your purchase, you must inform us by e-mail to during the 7 working days beginning the day after your purchase. Once notified of your intent to cancel, we will refund you within 30 days and you will destroy the files that you have downloaded as well as all copies of these files that you have made. The bank costs for refunding you will be at your charge.

6. Prices

All prices displayed on our site give the exact amount of the purchase transaction prior taxes. During the validation and checkout process the final prices and the amount of taxes (if applicable) will be presented to you before asking any bank information. This final price includes all possible taxes, including VAT which depends on the statute of the customer and his country.

7. Payment

We propose online payment via major credit cards: Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard, American Express, by means of a secure payment system as well as Paypal by means of a secure payment system. When paying, you are directly connected to the bank or Paypal server. All of your personal details are protected and encrypted before they are sent for processing to the bank server, and the information that you transmit to the bank are not given to us.

8. Warranty and after sales service

Our products are licensed without any warranty. It is provided on an as is basis. However you will benefit from our support and we will always try to do our best to satisfy your demand.

9. Upgrade Information

Each of our products comes with one year of free upgrades, from the date of activation, to any release of the same product. This includes any minor release of the product made within one year of its activation.

10. Subscription Sales

Some products are available as subscriptions. Subscription sales are governed by the following terms:

The minimum commitment period for a subscription is 12 months. You cannot cancel your subscription before its expiry date.

You are legally obligated to pay the full amount owing for the 12 months subscription via monthly payments.

The duration of the subscription period is calculated as 12 months from the day of your purchase.

You do not own the associated products license. If you let your plan expire after 12 months, then your key will be deactivated.

Each monthly payment will be charged to your credit card on the day of your purchase each month in the subscription period or the closest day possible for specific dates (for ex. February 29th).

At the end of the 12 month commitment period your subscription will be automatically transferred to a monthly plan. On the monthly plan you pay month to month with the option to cancel any time. The price for your product will stay the same as the one from the start. If at the end of your commitment period you do not want to continue on the flexible plan you can choose to cancel your subscription. AudioGaming reserves the right to terminate or modify the terms of the Subscription offer at any time. 

For a 12 months subscription:

If a monthly payment is not paid on time, then your license will be deactivated 7 days after the payment due date.

If your license has been deactivated due to unpaid monthly payments you still must pay the total amount left owing on your subscription.

If correct and/or updated billing and credit card information is provided within 7 days of the original due date, then the new credit card will immediately be charged for the total amount still owing and your license reactivated.

If more than 7 days have passed since the due date of the unpaid payment and there is not a valid credit card in your customer account, then your customer account will be closed and collection for the full remaining commitment period will be handled by an independent collection agency. For a flexible subscription:

If a monthly payment is not paid on time, then your license will be deactivated 7 days after the payment due date. You cannot reactivate the license. To use your product again, you will have to start a new 12 month subscription.

11. Legislation

This contract shall come under French law. We cannot be held liable for any kind of damages, material, immaterial or corporal, that arise as a result of the malfunctioning or misuse of our products. Our liability shall, in any case, be limited to the setting up of the order and we may not be held liable in the event of simple errors or omissions which may occur in spite of all the precautions taken in presenting the products. In the event of a dispute, our customer services division is at your disposal with the aim of reaching the fairest, amicable settlement. Failing this, the Toulouse Commercial Court shall be the only court with jurisdiction to rule on such disputes, regardless of the place of delivery or accepted method of payment.

12. Legal information and privacy policy

Email communication

We have a strict policy regarding collection of email addresses. We use your email address only to give you requested product support or to inform you about our own products in the case that you are subscribing to our newsletter. We will not pass your address to any third parties unless you have specifically requested that we do so. We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully (in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998).

In our newsletters we always add precise instructions on how to unsubscribe. Canceling subscription is convenient, automatic and immediate. When unsubscribing, your address will be permanently erased from our news subscription database.


Since the details you give us are essential for the processing and delivery of orders and for billing, failure to provide these details will result in the cancellation of your order. By registering on our Site, you agree to provide us with sincere and true information.

According to the “Data processing and Freedoms” law, the processing of your details was the subject of a declaration made before the CNIL (French data protection watchdog), with number 1594016. The only information we collect are the details you provide to us so as we can process your order and install your license, for example, name, address, computer type (Mac or PC), hardware information collected during the license activation in order to build the key allowing our products to run on your computer. The credit card details that you transmit to the bank server are not given to us, and the bank has its own privacy policy. All information is collected lawfully. We reserve the right to access and disclose individual information to comply with applicable laws and lawful government requests. We also reserve the rights to disclose information to third parties where a complaint arises concerning your use of this Internet site, where that use does not comply with our terms and conditions.

You have the permanent right to access and rectify all the information that concerns you, in accordance with European texts and national laws in place (article 34 of the law of January 6th 1978). You can at any moment make a request to to find out what personal information they contain for you. You may at any moment, and by request to, modify this information.