Richard Devine:  electronic musician and sound designer

” I recently purchased the Le Sound AudioWind V2 Pro plug-in for a VR audio project for Google which has been incredibly useful and amazing at creating the most perfect wind ambiences. The amount of control over all 4 layers, and characteristics is stunning. Having a tool like this that can produce perfectly isolated wind sounds is indispensable. “

“I can honestly say that the Le Sound Bundle is one of the most well thought out useful tools sets I have ever come across. It has already found a place in multiple TV/gaming audio and EV engine car design projects. An absolute essential set of plug-ins!” 

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SoundDelux — Harry Cohen: Sound Effect Designer for Django Unchained

“Audiowind was very useful for dialing in just the right character for our wind ambiences, and for creating the missing colors we needed in the backgrounds for Django. A great plug-in!”

Gabriel Morin: Sound Designer for Trackmania® Turbo

“Working on a racing game used to be long days spent carefully building and listening to ultra-short engine-loops. Hours of cleaning and synchronizing. AudioMotors made this part so much more worry-free, and got us a great end-result. On top of that, the AudioGaming team has been extremely supportive and available to help us make everything work perfectly. ”

Nicolas Signat: Sound Designer for WRC5

“Working with AudioMotors has been a new way to sound design engines easily. With the help and involvement of AudioGaming team, I’ve managed to set things the way I wanted in FMOD Studio and saved a lot of time on traditional loops and phasing issues. Moreover, the granular technology allows to get the most tiny vibrations and details present on samples, which is great to have an organic and rich result! ”

Tom Stamatio — Sound designer: The Little House That Could, SouthPark

“I just didn’t know how much I would love these plugs… especially since they are moving to 64bit.”

M. Léveillé – Audio Artist, Ubisoft

“AudioWind generates life-like sounds and features a very easy, yet powerful, ergonomic interface”

M. Jeanson – Audio Director, Ubisoft

“AudioWind has been incredibly useful to quickly create realistic wind backgrounds for Assassin’s Creed”

Keyboard magazine — Christine Webster

“AudioGaming is opening the way for procedural audio synthesis with their first two plug-ins AudioWind and AudioRain. A refreshing concept that will tremendously help sound designer in audio post-production and video games. Try it, you’ll love it!”

Varun Nair — Sound designer / Designing sound

“It is AMAZING! There is so much that can be done with it and there is so much variation. Using the plugin for room tone is a splendid idea! It is easy to create sounds for both realistic and fantasy like scenarios! It’s tough to find anything negative about it as it opens up so many options and its behavior is quite realistic!”

ARTE -Type:Rider App of the week

Audiogaming took care of all sounds and sound programming including procedural audio sounds. Type:Rider has been App of the week in more than 130 Countries and has been praised for its exceptional soundtrack (“The production values are top notch as well, with some fantastic music and sound effects” 148apps.com)

R&D project

Since 2013, Audiogaming is coordinating a 3 years national research project involving internationally renowned IRCAM lab in Paris and LMA in Marseille.

Internationally recognized

Our clients list includes top studios from Los Angeles to Paris and around the globe with clients in more than 80 countries: USA, UK, Russia, France, Germany, Spain, South Korea, Finland, Switzerland, …

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  1. […] take pride in having renowned individuals and independents as clients and partners. Check out the amazing testimonials from the […]

  2. […] take pride in having renowned individuals and independents as clients and partners. Check out the Amazing Testimonials from the […]

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